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Aghoi Sadhu Baba NATH JI YOGIS NADI Online Shopping In India

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Janeu is a holy thread worn with nadi and pavitri by the NATH yogis.There is a complex procedure of making the same. The fine thread of black sheep wool is woven to make this. The length of the thread is about 12+ 0.5 metres (YOGI say it 12.5 hands long or arm length ). The thread is further woven from 16 thin threads in definite procedure by chanting the janeu Mantra for several days or may take months for completion. The woven janeu is now tied with the holy knot to make it circular. This knot is termed as Bhrama knot (called bhrama ganth). It is a firm faith in nath yogis it has the blessings of 64 yoginis, Six Yatis apart from Bhrama, Vishnu, Mahesh and shakti. The pavitri, and total omkar (three beads and nadi) is fixed in a peculiar fashion to make NAD-JANEU. Moreover, Bhrama, Vishnu and Mahesh represent rajas, satva and tamas guna respectively. Once the nad janeu is made then SATGURU teaches the mantra to desciple GURU MANTRA and mantras for NADI ADESH, AND THE PROCEDURE TO BE FOLLOWED WHILE BLOWING THE NADI.

NADI adesh has certain definite rules  its only done in front of SATGURU and Dhuna.  Disciple without nad janeu are only allowed to do SHAMBHU ADESH (with mantra). In this manner there are some procedures  and rules to be followed in the daily routines under the supervision of Satguru. With consistent and regular sadhna as per the directions of satguru for year the yogis increases his/her energy level in the spiritual path. As I know about my SATGRU, he has always stressed on SEWA and SIMRAN and selfless work for humanity. Prime duty of the YOGI is to do develop spiritually and to help others develop. Instead of indulging in wordly affairs Yogi must exemplifies the things his life, and practically realize the essence of doctrines, and become the living example.

Its  is to be noted I am putting this artIcle for information purpose only. Due to limitation of space and complexity I cannot go into details.  ADESH ADESH …OM SHIV GORAKH


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